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Using Less Energy: The Start to Every Net-Zero Journey

What exactly do we mean by net-zero? Is this something that associations should be pushing just to their members? Any size of business or organisation can do something, and should be encouraged to take an active role in bringing about change.

But how do you take those first steps? How do you make this the right time to start this conversation or advance this discussion? 

We spoke to Mervyn Pilley, Executive Director at the Energy Solutions and Technology Association (ESTA) about the issue of sustainability and what driving factors can bring about change in an organisation:

"COP26 is really something that's driving a lot of people's focus on these things, indeed, is actually driving the UK government's focus, because all of a sudden everyone's woken up to the fact that this very global train is effectively pushing everyone's agenda.

I'm very aware that we had a climate change committee report which reported to the UK government on all sorts of activities relating to net zero and achieving by 2050.

With this report in mind, our members are actually saying, ‘Just what are you doing about this emergency?’ They are asking us what is happening and how can we help?"

Like all great journeys, it starts with one step, and that net-zero journey starts with the decision to start being proactive.

Firstly, do an audit. It doesn't have to be done by a professional, you can do it internally. There are multiple platforms out there now, where you can get quite a lot of accessible information about how you measure, where you are now, what you are going to do as you aim toward your net-zero target.

This is not about doing everything, but what you can do is something. Tackle an area that you're good at, or something in which you specialise.

Through the IAL's Social Responsibility programme, IGNITE, we encourage the sector to utilise The Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) tool. It's important that as associations we don’t just wait for change, we make the change happen.

It doesn't matter how big or small a business you are, or whether you are a large organisation or smaller trade association, everybody's got to play a part in that in that process.

Make a start now! Visit The Energy Conscious Organisation now at: and take the first steps on your journey.

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