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The Importance of Global Community & International Collaboration

Whilst there are many association networks around the world, the IAL prides itself on being the only dedicated, global CEO leadership community for the association profession. 

In our recently published Strategic Plan we undertook a new mission statement: Advancing excellence in association leadership through professional development and global community support. So, it is apparent that we consider community and international collaboration to be of very high importance.

It goes without saying that we have learned a lot as a sector from the continued presence of COVID-19. Many associations have realised the importance of international collaboration and the need for an extended support network with organisations around the world. Working from home, and the switch to online events has forced open a digital world that easily allows for organisations to connect and collaborate like never before. This world was always there but not necessarily utilised by some nor used to its full potential until it became absolutely necessary to break the norm.

The IAL is committed to providing a platform for association leaders around the world to come together, to learn, to share and to support each other as we look to build back, bigger and better than ever before. One way that we deliver this is through our dedicated podcast, Association Transformation. A transatlantic partnership between IAL Strategic Advisors, Andrew Chamberlain (Consort Strategy) and Elisa Brewer Pratt (Brewer Pratt Solutions). As well as discussing a wide range of topics, challenges and opportunities facing the association community we endeavour to welcome specialist guests from around the world to ensure that IAL members and our wider community can benefit from international perspectives and experiences.

As well as our regular invitations to UK and US based guests, in recent months we have been honoured to welcome colleagues from both South Africa and Australia.

In November 2020, we invited Toni Brearley, CEO of the Australasian Society for Association Executives, onto the show to discuss the challenges and accomplishments of her members.  Whereas the issues Toni raised are similar to what all associations will be facing and dealing with, it is comforting to know as a sector that we are all in this together. The beauty of the podcast and of our regular CEO Forum, is that association leaders can share these pain points with their community of peers and learn from different experiences and define tangible solutions.

It is a remarkable feeling when you know you are not alone.

About the author

Laura Gibson

Laura is passionate about supporting and empowering purpose-driven organisations to help enable them to further important, social causes.  She has worked within the membership and non-profit sectors for over ten years specialising in Member Engagement, Marketing and Communications, Event and Conference Services, Stakeholder Relationship Management and Client Project Delivery. 

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