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Happy 1st Birthday, Association Transformation!

It’s our first birthday!

The podcast was born out of the chaos of 2020, but it has brought us great joy in the amazing people that we have been able to talk to on a variety of topics. We’ve loved exploring all the ideas that people have had in response to the challenges of the last year, as well as hearing about the experiences of new executives, CFO’s and all the amazing people driving the non-profit sector.

A lot of different themes materialised over the year in what was a unique environment, but as we look back over a years’ worth of recordings we notice that almost all of the discussions have been about progress and innovation – how do we grow and learn and build on all that we’ve been through?

Early on in the podcast series we found that people really wanted to open up and have conversations that would resonate and help others who were maybe finding themselves in difficult situations. 

Whether it be finance, governance or just reaching out to your membership the discussions have been constructive and have helped us adopt to a more holistic approach to strategic development.

The message was loud and clear – we’re not just her to make our associations survive, we are here to make our associations thrive! 

So, as we go into our second year what do we think we’ll see materialise over the next twelve months? 

The focus must now shift from simply reacting to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic, to embracing the opportunity of carting our own future.

We’ve learned a lot over the last year and it’s important to use that new-found knowledge in building stronger, more resilient business models. It’s a chance to double check our purpose and relevance to our members, and not to revert to pre-COVID ways.

We should start talking about emerging technology and the role of artificial intelligence, block chain systems and machine learning. These are massive operation opportunities, but if we don’t start talking about them now as associations then they will become a threat and a massive missed opportunity.

That said, it’s also important to remember that as much as technology is a part of all our futures, we must connect as human beings. We must reach out and engage with our members and each other and that sometimes a phone call is FAR more profitable than an email.

So, here’s our birthday wish…

When we look back on our second year of podcasts, we can say that we have had many great conversations about new opportunities and innovations in the sector. More than that, we want to look back and say that we had exciting discussions not just about 2022 but also about 2030, 2035 and beyond because those are the generative discussions that we need to be having right now focusing on the opportunities and technologies that will shape all our futures.

And finally, here’s our birthday toast – to the future!

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