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Feedback is a Gift

Well, another milestone – this is our 40th Podcast!

We spoke in our Birthday Episode about embracing new opportunities that help associations grow and diversify, but also how to engage and add value to our members. As we look back over the past year we have come to appreciate just how important communications are, and the messaging and narrative that you share with your membership and the broader public.

We are fortunate to be joined in this Podcast by Shannon Powell Rodocker, President and CEO of REMEMBER Marketing, as she shares her insight and expertise in Marketing and Communications. Shannon has created and curated a new Communications Audit that help organisations gain a better understanding of their communication products, purpose and potential. She talked to us about why now is the perfect time for an audit:

“Firstly, it opens your eyes to the blind spots that we can miss as we can sometimes get stuck in a rhythm, and it is good to have an outside perspective on what you are doing every day.

Secondly, it’s an opportunity to confirm or reconfirm what is being said - but maybe not heard. The perspective of an outside professional can sometimes reveal discrepancies or disagreements with what some staff members are hearing or saying, and it is beneficial to an organisation to reveal and resolve that.

Thirdly, it allows you to have a ‘marketing refresh’. It gives you the opportunity to look at all that you are doing and determine if it’s really working. It allows you to question is it something you should keep putting your energies into, or is it giving you poor market return for your investment”.

Perhaps it’s true to say that MarComms is one of those areas that we neglect.

In previous episodes we have spoken to Finance Directors about the importance of bringing the finance team into the strap planning as you want to have the right people at the table who are able to contribute and add vale to the conversation. Yet it seems that marketing and communications are secondary ideas, ignored until the last minute when a sudden response is needed to promote a product or idea. 

Surely Marketing and Communication people are needed at the inception and right through the process to aid with strategy and development, rather than being asked “can you put a tweet out about our amazing new thing please” – an unsophisticated request right at the very end of the process.

People are communicating more than ever, we can do it virtually, we don't have to be there in person. Members are being buried by emails and tweets and from every channel. Phones are constantly pinging with tweets, LinkedIn posts, email traffic and it just becomes white noise. Target audiences are becoming less and less willing to read and consume all that's being put out there, so communications need to have impact immediately.

So, perhaps this is an ideal time to start your Marketing and Communications audit.

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