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About Us

The Institute of Association Leadership is the professional community for current and future chief executives and c-suite professionals who lead within the unique environment of the membership sector. Whilst there are many association networks around the world, the IAL prides itself on being the only global CEO leadership community for the association profession.

Since its reemergence the IAL, now a Community Interest Company, has worked to advance its mission. Refocused on the elevation of association leaders, the IAL is committed to helping members to be the professionals capable of advancing society.  In that pursuit, the IAL Board of Directors undertook a deliberate and collaborative process to create its 2021- 24 Strategic Plan. 

What is a CIC?

The IAL reestablished itself as a Community Interest Company on 1st January 2021.

A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a special type of limited company which exists explicitly to benefit the community it serves rather than any private shareholders.

Our Core Values

Community & Inclusivity

Our Mission

Advancing excellence in association leadership through professional development and global community support.

Our Vision

The IAL is committed to supporting and emboldening members to be the professionals capable of advancing society.

Elevating Association Leaders


With a mind for both the aspirational and yet achievable, our chosen Goals and Objectives represent the backbone of the IAL's strategic direction and the transformative vision of what this organisation can achieve. 

Over the next three years, the primary objectives of the IAL are to develop the association leaders of today and tomorrow, and to fortify and expand organisational outreach. 

Professional Advancement

Through its commitment to expand the potential of every association executive, the IAL will enrich connections, connectivity and collaboration across the sector. By increasing opportunities for networking and collective learning, the IAL will prioritise the human experience. 

Professional Excellence

This significant and yet timely endeavour will include a multitude of steps, but will provide educational resources, create new standards, and bring value to members through an ongoing commitment to the elevation and professionalisation of association executives. 

Operational Excellence

In our initial stage of reestablishment, the IAL must also prioritise internal and organisational needs. In order to both deliver best-in-class member service and ensure financial stability, the IAL must demonstrate innovation and leadership in its operational practice. 

Global Growth

While focused on education and professional development, the IAL must pursue its mission globally. The digitalisation of the member experience will allow the IAL greater reach, increasing the value of its network and diversifying both resources and perspectives. 


The IAL advances its mission to elevate association leaders to be the professionals capable of advancing society. In that pursuit, the IAL Board of Directors undertook a deliberate and collaborative process to create its 2021- 24 Strategic Plan.  With diverse stakeholder and staff input, the Board conducted an organisational analysis, spent time brainstorming future scenarios, and ultimately agreed strategic goals and deadlines. Together, and with the new Strategic Plan as a foundation, the IAL and its members can increase service to and support for the professionals who lead associations around the world. 

Association Transformation

Listen to the podcast

In this episode of Association Transformation, Andrew and Elisa are joined by the Chair of the Institute of Association Leadership, Sarah Poulter to discuss the new strategic plan. This episode was released to coincide with the launch of this new plan as they discuss the process, the plan itself, and what the exciting future holds for the IAL.

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